Thorek Starbreaker

“Two of our comrades just died horrifically, we’re looking at the end of the world beginning any second now, and I’m out of tobacco. I’m starting to think this is going to be a bad day.”
-Thorek, on why he’s not quite cheery right now

Thorek Starbreaker was a Paladin of the Order of the Mithril Wing, who, along with his comrades, was instrumental in ending the reign of King Algol and halting his mad bid to completely unmake reality.

Early Life

Like many Dwarves, Thorek had a very definite idea of right and wrong from an early age, and he quickly joined up with the Order of the Mithril Wing, an order of Paladins and Clerics who worshiped Bahamut, the Dragon God of Law and Order. A key aspect of the Order’s philosophy was that Evil must be actively opposed, rather than sitting around in a monastery all day in quiet contemplation, and Thorek soon set forth into the world to wield his Blessing of Bahamut against those who would do evil.

One of his first stops was the Dragonborn fortress of Schwartzstein Peak, where he met the diminutive Dragonborn Nadaar Kylana. The young warrior’s zeal for opposing evil impressed Thorek, who quickly found himself with a travelling partner, as Nadaar’s sense of righteousness was only bested by his desire to make a name for himself in the world.

Thorek Starbreaker

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