Astaroth Island

Astaroth Island is a large Island roughly halfway between Blacksand and Ostrheinsburg.

Before ten years ago, it was home to Yirox, a white dragon and an enemy of Ostrheinsburg. After an epic battle between the dragon and Cromat’s past life, Yirox was killed. Now that the island was free, citizens of Ostrheinsburg set up a port and later a town.

Four years later, General Astaroth was positioned on the previously unnamed island. His job was to impose Algol’s will on the residents of the island, and to regulate ships going in and out of Ostrheinsburg.

Three years ago, Astaroth was killed by the Resistance. With no leader, the necromancer’s creations ran wild all over the island, forcing the citizens to evacuate.

Astaroth Island

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